Banyuwangi-Bali’s Arlok (Coin Boy)

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Arlok is the abbreviation which refers to “Arek Logam” meaning “Coin Boy”. That is the term used to describe the boys, in both Ketapang and Gilimanuk Harbour, whose activities to collect coins (not only coins they also receive paper money) thrown by the Ferry Passanger that that wait to be embark from Ketapang to Gilimanuk or vice versa.

Java and Bali is seperated by a little strait named Bali Strait, which travellers need to use Ferry in order to get through this Bali strait. So, what makes arlok so special? collecting coin money sounds so normal.

The fancy point is lied upon the way they ask and collect the money, Arlok do it in the water. While the ferry is waiting to be embarked, arlok will call and swim so ferocious that captive some attention from ferry attendants. They (arlok) shout to the people asking for money, and people will answer those calls by throwing some small amount of money, usually in form of coin. Once the money are thrown, arlok, both kids, adolescenes, and sometimes adults are involved, will rush competing for collecting the money. even they keep the coin money they got in the mouth. This can be a very fun show for the attendant. They also shown a big bravery when they jumped off the top of ferry and this is a part of the show.

I’ve seen these arlok 2 times, the first time came at the end of 2010 when i was on a long journey from Lombok to Jakarta using my motorcycle. When i was in ferry in Gilimanuk harbor, i enjoyed seeing the gilimanuk arlok were calling and asking for money in the end they will ‘fight’ each other to get the money thrown.

The second chance i saw arlok, was just several days ago, when i was in a journey (also by motorcycle) with my friend from Malang to Bali (Padang Bay harbor). I happened to see the arlok, in this case was the Ketapang Harbor’s side. I noticed that there are several differences of these ketapang arlok with their companion in Gilimanuk. At least it is based on my experience seeing gilimanuk’s arlok 2 years ago. I saw Ketapang’s arlok is more well-equipped than gilimanuk’s. It means ketapang arlok use fins and google and an arlok i seen also wear a wetsuit. I think these equipment are intended to increase their acceleration chasing the money. And google also will help the view underwater. So, the competition is become more fierce than before.

By this time, i have no idea whether the Gilimanuk’s arlok are doing the same method that have been applied in ketapang. Because arlok only shown themselves in a ferry that wait to be embarked not the one departed.



This Morning’s thought

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When i have chances to see some old beautiful picture (i mean ones really old) there’s some weird feeling emerge. A kind of feel that guide me immersing into the photo’s era. I want to be the part of those pictures. Like this old picture i took from, it depicts a painter draw a picture using a lady as the model, in the side of a pristine river. Meanwhile the surrounding gave kinda very quintessential ambience, like old buildings stand firm right on riverside. It seems like life is easy in that picture, phrase “everyday is holiday” really found it’s real shape, things that find absurd nowadays. This picture is one of the many pictures of the day appeared and changed daily on NG official website.

Renungan Pagi

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Pagi ini, teringat suatu hal “aturan dasar” kehidupan yang ternyata masih sering kita langgar dan pada akhirnya hanya menimbulkan kenestapaan dalam diri. Satu hal yang yang saya tarik adalah ekspektasi berlebihan tanpa mengukur diri sendiri.
Begini yang saya maksud adalah, setiap manusia pasti ingin dicintai atau berhak untuk dicintai, namun berkaca dari prinsip bahwa dalam kehidupan antar manusia (termasuk hubungan 2 lelaki perempuan) dibutuhkan interaksi secara mutlak. Interaksi yang sering disebut dengan hubungan sosial ini erat kaitannya timbulnya hak dan kewajiban yang pada akhirnya akan bersinggungan dengan kapasitas diri. Apa maksud yang bisa ditarik dari rangkaian tersebut adalah seringnya seorang manusia menginginkan sesuatu dari sekelilingnya secara berlebihan tanpa mengukur kapasitas dirinya.
Ingin dicintai secara tanpa syarat, merasa diri paling superior, merasa diri paling sengsara, dan sebagainya untuk kemudian menginginkan seseorang atau sekelilingnya untuk memberikan suatu hal sesuai dengan keinginannya. Pada akhirnya orang seperti ini cenderung untuk dijauhi oleh sekelilingnya, tak jarang dia merasa terasing.
Kesengsaraan dalam hati sering dirasakan oleh sang manusia sebagai akibatnya. Apa yang harus dilakukan? seperti yang disampaikan diawal tadi, ini adalah tentang “aturan dasar”, pasti semua manusia telah mengetahuinya, sehingga tulisan ini pun dirasakan hanya sebagai ulangan seperti halnya tulisan-tulisan yang lain. Namun hal penting ini pun sering dilupakan, jadi memang sepertinya memang harus diulang-ulang. Hal penting mengenai, jika kesengsaraan telah dirasakan dalam hati, baik itu merasa diasingkan ataupun kurang disayang oleh sekitar ada baiknya alih-alih merengek dan meronta, kita introspeksi tentang bagaimana kita bersikap selama ini. Karena kesalahan terbesar akan diri kita sebagian besar pula bersumber dari dalam diri kita sendiri.
Lupakan semua melodrama yang hanya me-mellow-kan hati kita, ini kehidupan nyata. Lupakan keangkuhan didalam diri mengenai hal-hal positif dari diri kita baik itu di masa lampau maupun masa kini, karena masih banyak (sekali) hal negatif yang masih mengendap di diri kita dan seiring waktu akan terus menebal.

Sibukkan diri dalam introspeksi diri di setiap waktunya, seiring dengan terbenamnya mentari senja, jawaban akan berangsur timbul dari dalam diri kita.

Boring Era

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i dont know about what the phenomenon happened last yesterday. Everybody shouted their opinion about 12-12-12 things. Doesn’t it get bored about how linear people’s ways of think nowadays. We’re not as colorful as we had before, i think the life in 20 years or older ago was way much interesting than we have today. Technology is the one to blame in this case. Every easiness brings just little benefit to humanity and more negativeness instead. This era is so BORING! yes i have said that so.


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Rain is fruquently pouring down recently, and it also have it’s effect. Sometimes rain gives various feeling to the heart, just like a plain papper get dipped into the water, it will follow the color of the water at the end.

Sometimes it brings a joy, sometimes rain just lure a longing feeling inside, but whatever the feeling it brings, rain will always have a particular meaning to us. In the morning, when everything is so quiet, we have more sensitive feeling toward everything happen outside, like the rain, the sound of water dripping unconciously and quickly hypnothize our mind. It brings a personal or even intimate feeling. but i think every person have their own speciffic feeling, and nothing is quite similar one’s to another.

Whereever you get the rain, say in the building, in the mountain, in the sea, or even when you get trapped and wet in the middle of rain, the rain will always give it’s personal taste. It’s diffences between one to another. Let’s be humble to admit that everyperson ,even it’s you, have a melancholy side.
Now as the sun starting to rise to shine upon this world, give warmth to the wet land poured by rain all night long, along with Joao Gilberto’s song lilting from my music player. The rain is over, and the day is risen up, the world is revealed.

Gojira Goji-Gojimo Chan

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This is the story about my another cat named Goji, like the story about Coko that i’ve told you before, i’m gonna tell you Goji full name. His full name is Gojira Goji-Gojimo Chan. Still sounds weird, isn’t it?
Yes, i do think so. Actually it’s my wife who gave the name. Goji is a male kitten. We bought him from a small petshop in the city for not quite a cheap price. Unlike Cokomo that is own by adopted, Goji’s status automatically should have made him a top priority kitty, even though in fact is not. Cokomo the stray cat always perch on the top position no matter what.

Goji was bought when he was 4 month old and was intended to be cokomo friend in our home. But the hope (until now) lied far from the reality, those two cats always have a quarrelsome anytime they met.

Goji have a golden color of fur, he is a breed of persian cat. He barely meow at the first time, but nowaday he meows more often than before even it’s not as frequent as other cat. Goji doesn’t like to be hugged, he always want to escape when we try to hold him. but as the time goes passing by, he slowly become more pampered to us. Goji sleep on the terrace, as cokomo always sleep with us in bedroom. In the morning, Goji sometimes will step up the windows, and monitoring the situation around the bedroom whether cokomo were there, if it’s not, Goji will jump upon us and will stay with us, at least until cokomo appear then goji just will escape. Goji is very frightened to cokomo.

Unlike cokomo who had a skin desease when being adopted, Goji was considered healty. But now, goji have a problem about the fleas in his fur, Goji (along with coko) is always taken to bath to terminate the flea, but they keep remain on him. I think it’s because the soap / shampoo used is not the type of anti-flea. So we just decide to buy this kind of shampoo, and also we bought anti-flea powder. We’ll see how the progress is going later.

But those two are cute, sometimes they fight fericiously each other, but sometimes they are reluctant to do so.



Story about my cats – Cokomo.

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I have two cats. Both of them are funny. Named Coko and Goji. they are come from different breed. First, i want to tell you about our (my wife and i) “top kitty” named Coko, a stray cat, she is she. Coko is a name that already given by her previous owner, an animal lover who live in senggigi lombok, we like the name so much that we won’t omit or change it, instead we bestow coko with a “royal” prolonged name. Here’s the name, Mocoko Cokomoco Demo. I’ll tell you the history behind the bestowal of the name. Mocoko CokomoCo is actually have no meaning at all. it’s just for the sake of rhyme, in order to be heared good and cute, isn’t it? Demo is derived from Demodec, it’s a name of a kind of skin desease which is suffered by cat or dog, but sometimes human can also get infected too. When Coko first adopted, i saw a wound at her neck, but the owner who already take care so many cats don’t even notice so sure about this desease, and just said that it might be just a bruise that caused by fight. We know that it is demodec after we brought Coko to the veterinarian. It needs times of injection and weeks to be cured from this desease, at least it takes 2-3 months for coko to be healed. This desease may also cause the hair fall and in some part Coko may become baldy or hairless. but for now, Coko is nearly cured (i don’t know if it is already cured), it is noted that in some parts of her body that formerly bald (because of demodec) now is starting to grow some hair. For more fashionable sake and also to little bit disguise from it’s real meaning as a skin desease so we shortened this demodec to just “demo”. some times we called coko with Coko Demo, sounds more funky isn’t it?

She has type of black-grayish fur color with kind of longitudinal pattern. Later i know this pattern is called mackerel tabby. it’s very funny to watch she walks or even just moving and lie down in laziness on the floor. Coko used to be a 2 years old fat kitty when adopted by me, i think i was a little bit misjudge about coko because when i and coko met for the first time, Coko looked very tamed and spoil to me, she’s the only cat (from many of them in one big cage) that came and spoilty touching our leg with her body. and when we see a big wound at her neck, we become pity on her so we decided to adopt Coko, which later we add -mo, in the end of the name to make it more rhyming. Any way, as the time passed by, Coko was quickly adapted to the new environment, but once she’s gone for one week without a clue before eventually came back to our house. Coko like to fight. She’s a female woman that had been sterilized which means she can’t make any kitten. But other than it makes her calmer, it just make cokomo become more aggresive than any female woman that i’ve ever made (but we see it in funny way), Coko even have a gut to fight the local dominant male near our house. That’s why Coko’s body is now become more muscular other than just become a fatty cat. It makes Cokomo unique to us, she’s a female, but act like a male cat.

To us, Coko still have spoil side, especially when we left her alone in the house and some times (if she’s not in a lazy mood) she can make her way out of the house, for either pooping or just socialized with other cats, in the end she will cutely sit and wait patiently for us to go home. When we’re coming home, Coko will welcome us with her well-branded meoow.. and moving in irregulary way to show us that she miss us and wanna come inside the house. If it’s happen we like to pick coko up and give her a hug, and coko understand what is all about. Coko will just keep quiet and enjoy the hug until she feels boring and wanna go down. Coko is cute.

I feel lucky to have Cokomo as pets, even she’s sometimes become fierce, in the way that she `just don’t want to be disturbed when lied down on the floor, but Coko always sleep in the night with us, spare a not quite big bed for 3 of us. Me, Mywife, and Coko. it’s fun.

Coko’s never bite or claw us so bad, she just use it as sign of “leave me alone”, but in the end she will come to us and spoiltly lie his big body near to us. We also take coko to bath reguraly, once a week. To make Coko in good smells, because she often to go out the house and we don’t know where’s Coko Going and doing.

Coko is our favorite cat, she’s our top kitty, no matter we have an expensive persian cat named goji on the other side. Coko still have our priority. It’s quite an odd way to have a pets, because normaly people have their top kitty the most expensive and a good race one. But for us, Coko the stray cat is our idol, despite her bad tempered attitude. We love Coko the most.

When i write this story, Coko is being at pet care, because me and wife are leaving for bali. and I already miss coko, just like want to give coko a warm hug (even if Coko will quickly get bored and wanna escape the hug as usual)


Ampo, an unique snack from Tuban Indonesia

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After reading an article at national geographic about some habits of eating non-food that is normaly happen for some group of people in some region of the world. Here is the link.

The story at Nat Geo told the readers about people in Madagascar who eating pica, which is non-food material that is usually eaten by malagasy, for their health (they do believe it). The essay also describes that not only women and childern who eat pica (according to previous research) but also men consume it daily. This kind of weird habit also found in south america. This story remind me to a friend of mine once told me that there is a place in east Java that have their traditional snack that made of clay. After googling it, i find alot reading material describing about this unique food.

It’s named Ampo, it is well known as a traditional snack from Tuban, a small city in East Java. Like in Madagascar, in Tuban, Ampo is believe for it’s healthy benefit. Many believe Ampo can strengthen our digestive system, and maybe dewormed intestinal tract.

it is the ready-to-serve ampo


It is made by baked, the clay itself is choosen from the clean soil free from pebble or any other debris, after it’s shaped as an rectangular more solid object, now the process continues with cutting the dough into little piece in size of wafer. The process continues with the clay is get smoked for approximately an hour until it getting drier and crispier. After getting through all the process, Ampo is ready to be served. It’s consumed as a snack and some people describe that their stomach become cool and comfortable after consuming Ampo in right portion. Here is the original source of Ampo Story.


The picture of Ampo is taken from

the story how i start freediving

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It’s all started when i was get amazed to the movie titled “OCEAN MEN-extreme dive” which features two of the most high-profile freediver at that era (this movie was made at 2001), they are

Pipin Ferreras ( )


and Umberto Pelizzari ( )



Let’s make it short, their underwater scene, how they describe freediving in their own ways make me want to know about the freediving more. I think i fell in love to this kind of water sport, i think it’s cool to have ability to hold your breath longer than usual to enjoy the underwater scenery. And of course it is done without any SCUBA tank help, which means it will be alot cheaper and can do anywhere.

In the movie i saw the rivalry between them two, pipin who’s been told adoring shark much as the creature that inspires him so much, in which he depicts the shark as the symbol of bravery, purity, and else (i forgot), and the other side there is Umberto Pelizzari who also a worldclass free diver. Umberto in his early years of professional free diving career have a fierce competition with pipin ferreras especially in one freediving discipline named no limit. No limit means that what is the deepest point under surface of the sea that human can reach in one single breath, whatever the aparatus is used. But, in one point, umberto refused to continue this kind of competition and choose to concentrate to another discipline called constant weight which is the effort to reach the deepest point without any artifisial aparatus help outside the fins,body weightened, and wetsuit. FOr umberto, this discipline is more reflecting the purest relationship between human being and the sea, on the other side Pipin keep concentrating on No limit.
At the end of stories, they two succesfully make a new world record in their own discipline.

This 40 minutes movie really inspires me to find out about freediving world, gathering some information, until i take a course in Freedive Gili in gili trawangan lombok, to get some knowledge and get the SSI certification as freediver level 1. 

It’s all because of my curiousity, and after i gave it a try for the first time, i found out that freediving is not as easy as it looks. I love doing snorkeling before and did a submerge manouver for about 3-5 meter but in order to fulfill the minimum requirement of level 1 freediver i have to reach the depth of 10 meter beneath and for me as a beginner it’s not an easy task to do. As i had been told before that there’s a decreasing in lung volume as we going down deeper, and in 10 meter our lung size will be decreased in half of it’s original volume. and Holding breath in that number of depth is not as easy as we did in the surface. In additionally if we got panic and keep thinking about breathing, it would deteriorate the situation. It’s all about the mental games, how strong we push ourselve to refuse the urge to breath and once again the situation down there is TOTALLY different to the surface.

SO i felt holding breath is same as getting torture. Like it came a thinking to stop it and won’t do it again. But one thing that i felt when i was being in the depth, i felt serenity, i feel peace, and when i got up to the surface, i just want to go back down into deep.
So, for now, i practice everyday to be a better freediver. I practice both on land or in pool, because i live far from the sea right now (there’s a sea northward but it is so dirty that i choose not to go there).

I just wanna feel those serenity that i had felt it before in 10 meter, and along with my practice i want to go deeper and longer than before, for now i can hold my breath for 3 minutes, and able to swim underwater slowly (with fins) for 50 meter, in the future i want to improve all my ability in freediving, that’s why i joined one freediving community in Jakarta, named Let’s Freedive.

I’m not taking this sport to be compared by someone else, i want to compete with myself, and i want to feel the peace that mother sea had offered to me before. So, here i am, practising everyday to grab my little dreams..

2012 first day ramadhan

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IT’s the first day of Ramadhan, i do the fast for 2 days in Lombok along with my wife. As the dispute about when it started, it split in two major sides. One who choose to begin fasting on friday July 20th which is underwent by Muhamadiyah community. The other side is Government’s follower, which started their fast in Saturday a day after the Muhammadiyah’s starting fast day. The government has officially announced that the Ramadhan will be started on Saturday so i who regulary follow what the government decision about when Ramadhan start like years before. Even Friday is still not Ramadhan yet (Government vers.) but i find myself in difficult situation when i have to find some restaurant or even a small warong that is still open that day. That’s mean i barely can find food in this circumstances. Luckily the warong where i use to have my breakfast so last years ago, and that ain’t mean it so easy for have a descent meal that i have to wait for some minutes as the stock was empty when i came. So i spent another wasteful minutes waiting for the stock to be refilled. I took 2 portion of meals when theyre coming. It didn;t take so much time to see how fast the stock running out as the hungry stomach come over until they found that there’s no other meals left again. The same condition i found for the rest of that day. it seems that the meals seller were afraid to the sweeping that will be done by the Satpol PP or their similar. 

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